Management Message

An Indispensable Presence with a Customer-First Approach

Since our founding in 1949, we have paid close attention to feedback from customers and sought to grow our areas of expertise as a trading company specializing in steel and construction materials, while meeting the demand for materials one after the other. This has enabled us to continue forging a strong foundation for satisfying diverse customer needs.

Onoken is currently focused on a wide product lineup, from the sale of steel and construction materials in Japan to handling imported steel, processing steel products, and contracted construction work. We have built up a logistics system with distribution centers nationwide to ensure fast delivery.

In Japan, the steel industry is experiencing a transformation triggered by the prolonged decline in demand, which has led to continuing industry reorganization. Despite the tough business environment, Onoken has continued to grow because we are committed to the basic principle of staying focused on our customers' requirements and consistently responding to customers with a flexible approach not bound by conventional ways of operating.

Going forward, we intend to quickly increase the number of distribution centers, add to our processing machinery and processing types, and boost contracted construction work with the goal of providing more benefits to our customers throughout Japan.

Onoken intends to be an indispensable company with a strong market presence by responding to diverse needs with careful service guided by our management philosophy and our motto: “bright, cheerful and positive.” We will continue to take on challenges to create new value based on a customer-first approach to meet or exceed expectations.

Ken Ono, President
小野 建