[E] Environmental Initiatives

Onoken strives to reduce our environmental impact and conserve resources when handling highly recyclable materials, such as iron or steel

Steel products are sold to leasing companies and reused, in this way reducing the CO2 emissions associated with the production of new steel materials.

Scrap steel generated during processing at distribution centers is sent to electric furnace companies via scrap metal dealers and reused to make new steel products. The electric furnace companies that we use have minimized their CO2 emissions, so our steel recycling contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

In addition, we use a highly efficient logistics network when shipping steel products and other heavy items to customers. This network has an optimized mix of shipping modes, from ship and rail to trucks, also helping to minimize CO2 emissions.

The other environmental initiatives that help realize a sustainable society are outlined below.

Introducing Solar Panels and Eco-Friendly Vehicles

As one way to contribute to a low-carbon society using renewable energy, Onoken generates electricity using solar panels on the rooftops of the extensive network of distribution centers. Other energy-saving measures include using eco-friendly vehicles for our sales fleet.

Solar Panels

Document Digitization

By digitizing documents, we are reducing the amount of paper we use, such as invoices and internal forms.