Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

Onoken Co., Ltd. (Onoken or the Company) strives to provide shareholders and investors with current and effective information, while maintaining the transparency, fairness, and continuity of that information. The Company discloses information following the guidelines of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act , the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), and internal management regulations. We also disclose information proactively when it is determined necessary by management to assist in understanding the Company.

Information Disclosure Method

Onoken will quickly disclose information based on the Timely Disclosure Rules specified by the TSE. This information is posted on the Company’s website directly after registration and disclosure on TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network) provided by the TSE. In addition, information not subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules will be swiftly disclosed through press releases or on our website in another form, depending on the importance and urgency. However, not all of the information we disclose will be made available on our website.

Management of Insider Information (Prevention of Insider Trading)

Onoken, following insider information management regulations, has set basic rules for complying with the management of insider information obtained by the Company's officers and employees in the course of their duties and for compliance with these regulations when buying and selling shares and other securities. The Company regularly informs executive officers and employees of these basic rules for managing insider information and when buying and selling shares and other securities. Executive officers and employees must submit notifications in advance when buying or selling shares.

Quiet Period

To ensure the fairness of disclosures and to prevent leaks of earnings-related information, including quarterly reports, Onoken has set a quiet period: from the business day following the settlement closing date to the day that earnings are announced. During this period, the Company cannot respond to questions or comment on account settlements and earnings forecasts. However, if a significant event occurs during the period that falls within the scope of the Timely Disclosure Rules (specified by the TSE), that information will be disclosed quickly and effectively. The Company will respond to inquiries regarding information that is not related to financial results and other information that has already been disclosed even during the quiet period.

Information Disclosure Related to Forward-Looking Statements

Items posted on our website that are not related to past or current facts are considered forward-looking statements, which are made based on judgments and assumptions using the information available at the time the statement was made. Actual results could therefore differ materially as a result of risks, uncertainties, and economic circumstances.