Growth Strategy

Having an Indispensable Market Presence with a Customer-First Approach

Over the years we have adhered to a customer-first principle, and this has earned us strong support from the people we serve.
One of our strengths is the ability to respond flexibly without being bound by industry convention, which includes breaking down industry “boundaries” and handling more reasonably priced imported goods.
As we move ahead, as part of our business model, we intend to take further steps to provide services that offer even more benefits to our customers.

Our strategy focuses on three areas:

  1. Expand sales and distribution sites
  2. Increase processing machinery and types
  3. Boost contracted construction work

1. Expand Sales and Distribution Sites

By extending our existing bases and increasing the number of products we stock, we will boost our ability to make prompt deliveries and meet requirements. We will also build new bases, helping shorten delivery times in areas where it now takes several days.

2. Increase Processing Machinery and Types

We will respond to growing demand for processing by increasing the number of processing machines and the types of processing they perform. Since processing will be done inhouse, we can fill urgent orders and, in this way, significantly contribute to improved workflows for our customers.

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3. Boost Contracted Construction Work

We will build out our network of manufacturers and construction subcontractors to expand contract work for construction and civil engineering projects. We will focus on training qualified people (construction management engineers) with the aim of ensuring safe, high-quality, fast construction.

Onoken's mission is to be a company that is indispensable to customers.
Guided by our corporate philosophy, all employees work hard to make Onoken a company that customers and suppliers cannot do without.