Business Overview

Iron and Steel Sales

In this business segment, we deliver iron and steel to industries where these materials are critical for operations, such as ironworks, equipment manufacturers, shipbuilders and industrial machine makers.
We handle iron and steel products from both domestic and overseas manufacturers and keep a large inventory in massive distribution centers.
Our finely tuned services start with the processing and delivery of a single steel sheet or cut sheet, depending on the requirement.

Nationwide Just-in-Time Delivery

Onoken has distribution centers in some 30 places throughout Japan, enabling us to make swift deliveries. We use our own trucks as well as outsource some transportation for super-quick deliveries. We are planning to increase the number of sales and logistics hubs so that we will be better placed to help our customers.

Iron and Steel Product Processing Based on the Requirements

Onoken has a range of processing equipment throughout Japan, helping to ease manpower shortages at some customers and helping them to streamline their operations. We have created a system that can accurately respond to diverse needs and perform different types of processing.
Our ability to process steel products inhouse means that we can respond to urgent requests, while ensuring strict delivery and quality control.
We will continue to aggressively introduce processing equipment and further boost customer convenience through an integrated system of purchasing, processing, and delivery.

Key Processing Work

  • Cutting, drilling, beveling and shot blasting columns and H-section steel
  • Laser processing, bending, drilling and shot blasting steel plates
  • Cutting and drilling various steel shapes (angles, channels, square pipes, etc.)
  • Rebar processing
  • H-section steel processing

  • Laser processing

  • DCM processing

  • Rebar processing

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Sales of Construction Materials and Contract Construction

Onoken has established a specialized construction materials sales operation as well as a contract construction business that focuses primarily on partners in the construction industry. We also make proposals to design houses and offices.

One-Stop Operation from the Sale of Construction Materials to Construction

Onoken provides products that are indispensable to people's lives: the construction materials used in condominiums, buildings and large commercial facilities, including the pilings, round steel, steel frames, fittings, housing equipment, roofing, and exterior walls; civil engineering materials used for coastal and river protection projects, such as sheet steel pilings and secondary concrete products; exterior materials, including fencing and grating; and materials for roadways, such as guardrails.
Onoken can deal with all operations from the sale of these construction materials through to construction work.
We use the network and knowhow we have built up over the years to deliver products safely, on time, and at a low cost.

Key Contract Construction Work

  • Pilings
  • External wall construction
  • Steel frame work
  • Joinery
  • Roof construction
  • External work

Onoken carries out varied contract work where we accept orders for all these processes, and we believe that we can provide more convenient services to our customers by accepting orders for these projects in bulk. At the same time, we will continue to grow our building construction sales and construction contracting business by focusing on the effective placement and training of qualified people for onsite management.