Shareholder Returns

Dividend Policy

We have been striving to improve our creditworthiness by strengthening our financial structure amid a rapidly changing business environment. Going forward, our basic policy is to continue returning profits at a consistently high level, while improving our corporate structure by accumulating internal reserves.
It is also the basic policy of Onoken to pay dividends from surplus funds twice a year: interim and year-end dividends.
In addition, we will use internal capital reserves to enlarge our inventory system, enabling us to respond more quickly to market conditions and demand trends, and to develop new production centers and facilities. As a result, we will seek to return even greater profits to shareholders.

Dividends and Dividend Payout Ratio

FY3/18 FY3/19 FY3/20 FY3/21 FY3/22
Interim dividend (yen) 30.00 30.00
(Includes commemorative dividend of ¥5.00)
25.00 20.00 66.00
Year-end dividend (yen) 40.00 45.00
(Includes commemorative dividend of ¥5.00)
35.00 45.00 43.00
Dividend payout ratio (%) 29.0 34.8 29.5 30.5 30.0